Single axis solar tracking system

Single axis solar tracking system is widely applied to solar farm projects. its’ construction is more simple than dual axis system, so it’s more cheap than dual axis system.

For big solar farm projects, they need cheaper cost for the whole project, but the power generation ability need be better than normal solar frame. The single axis solar tracking system is the best choice.

For single axis solar tracking, it just need one linear actuator(or slewing drive) and one controller components to implement. If you want to know more details about the construction, please go to visit this vedio as below or visit our company YouTube chanel.

Some single aixs solar trackers will be applied to home application or small projects, for examples solar pumps. You can buy or make completed solar energy with solar tracking system as below video:

After you watched the videos above, you will know a little about single axis solar tracker construction, but you still need to know more about solar tracker construction design knowledge. You can check the drawing as below:

single axis solar trackers

single axis solar trackers

If you still have any questions, please contact us directly to get supports.

After you learn the single axis solar tracker construction, you need go to pick all the components for the solar trackers. Our company provides all the components you need:

you can buy:

linear actuators
slewing drives
solar tracker controllers

from us.

If you want us can help you to make the frame, we can provide them:

solar tracking completed system