Even it is solar tracker controllers manufacturer, JIMI TECH developed new model controller TG 009-X. You can go to watch THIS VIDEO to know more, if you want to know what is the controllers application. READ LESS

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Solar tracker controllers TG009-X series can do the solar tracking control of the east-west direction, when it applies to single-axis platform. The controller has the following characteristics:

1. Dual mode tracking, when it is controlled by accurate light detection on sunny days, it can record the angle every ten minutes. Even in cloudy days, tracking angle record in memory according to most recent . There are not only  light tracking sensor but also gyroscope angle sensor on the head detector.

2. The LCD display can show the parameters and working state of solar tracker controllers .

3. You can set parameter of Infrared remote control manually.

4. Clock circuit, with power-off saving function, can accurately determine the time of the equipment to control.

5. The solid state bridge FET driving unit drives the motor and has a two-color LED to indicate the direction of the motor moving. It can improve the life of controller and working efficiency a lot. Recommend linear actuators are strongly.

6. Because it has anti-reverse power supply protection function, it can not damage the controller in the case of reverse power supply.

7. The circuit has the function of motor current detection, which can monitor and protect the motor current at any time.

8. 485 communication and PC control function can be connected on a group of 485 communication lines by multiple devices (100), and  PC software can operate and control to improve working efficiency.


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