For slewing drives , The JIMI TECH slewing ring bearing of program consists of various solutions. READ LESS

Typically,  is that all the slewing ring bearing products are able to withstand great axial loads and depending on the type. They are well suitable to absorb tilting moment (tilting forces). If you want to know the construction, please watch THIS VIDEO .You can go to watch our COMPANY YOUTUBE CHANNEL to know more.

Slewing rings are available in industrial models, which the rings are from forged steel and wherein hardened ball tracks are implemented. For less demanding applications, there are also slewing ring bearings with sheet metal steel. These are usually well resistant to axial force but are not suitable for tilting moments.

There are also caste steel versions available for specific applications. Herein a compromise is between by having a higher quality than the sheet metal models, and lower costs than the high-end industrial slewing ring bearing products.


The slewing drive (integrated drive bearing) are standard products for specific industries. It is such as the solar industry and mobile applications or excavators.

Slewing rings includes an integrated worm gear transmission on the slewing bearing. The worm runs by an electric motor or hydraulic motor, whether or not combine with an additional gear box or worm gear box.

In addition, the slewing drive are capable to withstand high axial loads and large tilting moments.

The quality of the slewing drive is producing strictly under UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Supply materials on strictly check and choose on their proven quality. The use of A-brand components is finely machine parts. It uses of precision hardened and beveled raceways ensure long life, minimal noise and high efficiency.

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