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solar tracker linear actuators
linear actuator for solar tracker
Model: PA8 Series
solar tracker slewing drives
Slewing drives
Model: VE7
dual axial solar tracker
Completed solar tracking system
Model: Dual axis P12
Solar tracker controllers
Model: single axis
solar tracker controller
Completed solar tracking system
Model: single axis P10
single axis solar tracker
Accessoaries of solar tracker
Model: 6 AH batteries package
batteries package

Solar tracker,solar tracking system and solar tracker components or solar tracking components, Do you want to run your business about them?

If you have any below problems bolcking your solar business, please contact Jimi Tech:

  • Don’t know what’s solar tracker? what is it used for?
  • Don’t know how is solar tracker system working?
  • Don’t know how are their construction?
  • How much are solar tracking components cost?
  • How do you design solar tracker system?
  • How to pick up the key components?

Why need you choose Jimi-tech company?

JimiTech is one of the best and most reliable solar trakcer manufacturer, and located in southeastern China. We are offering the completed solar tracker systems and all solar tracker components.

  • Linear actuators, we have an factory to produce the solar tracker linear actuators in Dongguan city.
  • Slewing drives, we have an factory of slewing drives manufacturing in Maanshan city.
  • Controllers, we have an profesional design team in Shenzhen city.
  • Frames, we have an matal factory in JiangMen city.
  • Accessaries, we have more than 10 suppliers to cooperate with us about a lot of accessaries.

A large number of industrialists, engineers, manufacturers, OEM organizations rely on our potent and innovative products to answer various challenging processes.

Reliability  – Our professional solar tracker design team

Experienced products managers and design engineers cooperated with each to provide best solutions for our customers.

  • Design them according to customers’ simple orignal requirement.
  • Help customers to think about a lot of application additions.
  • High reliablitive solar tracker construction.
  • Competitive price, and help customers to save a lot of cost.
  • Support on all trackers components.

Reliability  – Our solar tracker quality assurance and manufacturing team

Professional quality team to monitor each manufacturing process and manufacturing team will get a lot of professional trains.

  • Incoming checking will be done for every materials
  • processing each step will have quality member.
  • Output quality checking will issue more testing items than other competed facotries.
  • New products developing checking will be really high standard.
  • Manfacturing management will be controlled strictly under order schedule.

Responsiblity  – Our solar tracker dedicated service team

Kindly serive team member will provide all-around their technoloty supporting service.

  • Any supports on how to choose them?
  • Any supports on how to design them?
  • Any supports on how to design their construction details?
  • Any supports on how much are solar trackers cost?
  • Any supports on after sales service.

Products manufacturing:

  • All tracker components, such as: linear actuators, slewing drives, controllers, frames, other accessories, and so on
  • Single axis solar systems for solar farms project
  • Dual axis solar systems
  • Home application solar systems
  • Other customized solar systems
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