Dual axis solar tracking system

Dual axis solar tracking system will generate 20% more power than single axis system, that means will generate 30-50% more power than solar energy withour solar trackers.

Now dual axis solar tracking systems are more and more applied to solar farm projects, but they are more popular applied to home application or small projects.

Dual axis solar tracking need two motors( linear actuator and slewing drive are the best choise), and solar tracker controller. Their constuction is more complicated than single axis.

Here I would like to share you some dual axis solar tracker projects to help you to understand the dual axis solar tracker construction details.

First video is a small one.

Second video is a big one.

If you want to DIY a solar tracker, you can come to visit this video:

Some small solar trackers, can be designed with tow linear actuators as below:

After you watched the videos above, you will know a little about dual axis solar tracker construction, but you still need to know more about solar tracker construction design knowledge. You can check the drawing as below:

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After you learn the dual axis solar tracker construction, you need go to pick all the components for the solar trackers. Our company provides all the components you need:

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linear actuators
slewing drives
solar tracker controllers
ystem from us too.
solar tracking completed system


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Energy storage :

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